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PService scope

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  • Industrial and commercial registration
  • Tax registration change cancellation
  • The tax planning(A reasonable tax avoidance)
  • Apply for average taxpayer qualification
  • Clean up the mess
  • Accounting training
  • Bookkeeping agency

    AAbout us

    Dali yunnan calculated financial management co., ltd. is a interconnected financial services company,The yunnan province administration for industry and commerce for examination and approval,Dali prefecture administration for industry and commerce granted a Internet taxation service company。Yunnan calculated financial management co., LTD. As Internet taxation service industry leader in yunnan region,Company's business mainly concentrated in yunnan Dali region、Yunnan qujing area。Now mainly provide company registration、The company changes、The company set up、Bookkeeping agency、The fiscal and taxation service、Qualification do STH for sb、Audit verification、Accounting training、Network marketing and other information technology services。The company's work ethic:All start from the heart,Do everything by heart。The concept of choose and employ persons of the company:People-oriented,In the work。Spiritual wealth,Pay attention to grow。Employees are the first...

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    Service time:8:30 - 18:00
    A mobile phone:18787533026